Oz Bassist

Welcome to the Oz Bassist channel.This channel is not for profit. I have setup the channel to help people learn Bass lines from popular tunes. I am a left handed Bassist. I have played in cover bands and enjoy creating original material. I am comfortable being in a studio. I "play by ear" and keep true to my own style of Bass playing. Sorry, but i do not keep Tabs or use them as half the fun for me is working out the tunes by listening and experimenting. I am from Australia - and have played gigs in the USA. In my spare time i create video's for Youtube in the hope it may help a fellow Bassist successfully speed up the process of learning new tunes. My channel is a "no frills" site compared to most others production wise, but hoping my content i create makes up for that. Anyways, enough about me! Time for you to get busy on that Bass sitting in the corner of the room - bring some music to life! =) Cheers! Oz Bassist

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