Sometimes it takes a road trip out to the Left Coast to figure out what you want. Like most 20 year-olds leaving their nest and entering the real world, Hollyn has spent much of the past year laboring over that internal quest. Unlike most 20 year-olds, she did it while spending much of that time performing a No. 1 hit radio single nightly in packed arenas worldwide, and amassing new fans like the Midwest collects snowfall in January. “I’ve had to grow up a ton—quickly,” Hollyn recollects. “One season, I’m a typical teenager living at home; the next, I’m moving to Nashville, managing my own business and spending weeks at a time on a tour bus; all the while trying to figure out if music is truly what God’s called me into.” And if music was, in fact, her calling, would the Columbus, Ohio-born pastor’s kid be free to express her true heart, even if the content wasn’t typical for a Christian pop artist? Could she get away with writing and singing about real-life stuff that mattered to her,

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